D4: Sunggyu's 25th birthday ♥

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Myungsoo — Cunning Single Lady Episode 15

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Letters from friends and family of those still missing from the Sewol ferry disaster posted on the classrooms of Danwon High School:

"Please come back alive."

"I believe you’re still alive and that you’ll return safely. Hurry back. I miss you so much I’m going crazy. I love you…"

"You have to come back alive. Everyone is here waiting for you. Stay strong until you are rescued. You have to see your mother, father and sister again. I’ll be praying for you so you better come back!"

"…teacher, please come back so I can tell you I’m sorry. You are such a great teacher. You are like a friend to me. I respect you and love you. Lets go eat yummy food when you come back."


Pray for South Korea

Acknowledging the Heroes of the Sewol Ferry accident


In relation to the Sewol Ferry accident I would really like to take the time to acknowledge the true heroes who have risked and sacrificed their lives to save others.

Park Ji Young, a 22 year old woman who was a member of the Sewol ferry, lost her life while saving others. There was no life…

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